From the Reference Desk

From the Reference Desk

Occasionally one of our counterparts in non-fiction will come across a fiction book they can’t wait to tell everyone about.  This happened recently, and we decided to start a new series of blog posts.  Please enjoy this collaboration…

lauren reviews


The back cover promises a heroine possessed of strong opinions and intelligence, as well as a hero who needs to work to win her over, and for once it wasn’t exaggerating. Though they share a past together (presumably mentioned in another book), and the hero is no slouch himself in intellectual matters, they start off the book on the wrong foot. Seeing them gain a deeper appreciation of each other is the main attraction here, though the hero’s dog is definitely a major player.
Note that the heroine is involved in providing a safe place for street children and suffers from some trauma due to one of them ensuring she could not interfere with the murder of the nightmare figure who abused a number of them. The living antagonist in the story is also a man to whom others are there to be used, and he does attempt to kidnap and rape the heroine in revenge for the hero and heroine making sure he could no longer easily cheat at cards and fleece people of substantial sums. She manages to successfully fight back and humiliate the villain, so it is ultimately a triumph, but not something all readers are able to read.

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Available through MyMediaMall, this set of three novellas linked by a shared beginning and ending offer a lighter romance overall than Ashford’s most recent book. All three of the sisters are tossed into situations rife with potential problems and instead find comfortable, pampered lives for two of them – and even the middle sister’s theoretically disastrous heartbreak and departure from her job is salvaged by the loving interference of her sisters and their unlikely fairy godmothers (no magic, here – just wealthy, kindhearted women who use their privilege to do good). Some readers may find the final hero’s exasperated comment to his fiancee to cross a line of ungentlemanly behavior; others may be fine.

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Technically a juvenile book (you’ll find it in our Youth Department), this Newberry winner is nevertheless an excellent crossover read for those who enjoy fairy tales, villains who get their comeuppances, and happy endings. There’s plenty of magic and foreboding, along with multiple points of view, but kindness and caring win the day in the end against a most insidious and selfish evil-doer.
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February Displays

Every month, Reader’s Advisory puts out different displays in the area surrounding our desk.  For us, it’s a fun way to tie in the materials we love to the specific month or season!  Anything that is on the cubes can be checked out, just like anything else in the library!

For the month of February, there are several different exciting displays to choose from.

“You Had Me At…” located on the left book cube, is a display of fiction with intriguing first lines.  Much like our “Blind Date with a Book” of the past, this display showcases the book’s first line instead of the cover of the book to entice readers.  Check out the accompanying Billboard slideshow!

“Escape to the Sun!” located on the center book cube, is a display of fiction, music, and DVDs with summer themes.  No matter the genre, if you’re looking for books that will transport you from the chill and gloom, look no further.

“A Change is Gonna Come: Honoring Black History Month,” located on the CD display cube, is music from African-American artists throughout the ages.  From Scott Joplin and ragtime to Jay-Z and rap, come sample the various eras of African-American music.

“Don’t Judge a Romance by its Cover,” located on our corner display, is a wide selection of romantic fiction.

The fiction film wall has Oscar winning films of the past, to get you in the mood for the ceremony on Feb. 26th.  The nonfiction film wall, “That’s Amore,” features documentaries on romantic locations and more for Valentine’s Day.

Our Teen display this month is “Heart vs. Break,” romances and relationship fiction geared toward a teen audience.

Check out the slideshow below for photos of each of these displays.
We encourage you to come in and check out these displays for yourself; you can always take something home!

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Make Mine

Make Mine…Romance


The romance novel, in its familiar form, is a celebration of falling in love.  Generally the lovers will encounter obstacles along the way, but in the end, the problems have been solved, the struggles overcome, and there is a happy and satisfying ending.  There are many subgenres to romance, including contemporary, historical, and romantic suspense.  No matter what kind of love you like to read about, there is an author or novel out there for your tastes.

If you enjoy stories of people falling in love, the following authors tend to write in the romance genre:

Victoria Alexander
Mary Balogh
Jo Beverley
Robyn Carr
Loretta Chase
Marion Chesney
Jennifer Crusie
Janet Dailey
Suzanne Enoch
Anne Gracie
Irene Hannon
Robin Lee Hatcher
Dee Henderson
Georgette Heyer
Eloisa James
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sophie Kinsella
Mindy Klasky
Lisa Kleypas
Jayne Ann Krentz
Stephanie Laurens
Johanna Lindsey
Debbie Macomber
Susan Mallery
Linda Lael Miller
Victoria Christopher Murray
Tracie Peterson
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Mary Jo Putney
Amanda Quick
Julia Quinn
Francis Ray
Sheila Roberts
LaVyrle Spencer
Danielle Steel
Kathleen Woodiwiss
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Summer Reading Displays – July

For the Summer Reading Program, Reader’s Advisory puts out different displays in our area that tie into the overarching summer theme.  For this summer’s theme, “Read to the Rhythm,” our book, music, and movie displays are all about music!  Anything that is on the cubes can be checked out, just like anything else in the library!

Right now, there are five different displays going.

The first book cube is a split between “Good Vibrations,” feel good fiction inspired by the Beach Boys, and “Killing Me Softly,” murder mysteries and thrillers inspired by Roberta Flack’s seminal hit.

The second book cube is a split between “Family Affair,” selections of family sagas, and “Secret Agent Man,” spy novels and thrillers inspired by Johnny Rivers’ classic tune.

The music display is “Sentimental Journey”, a collection of Big Band hits that will transport you back to the 1940s.

The movie display is “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” a selection of Christmas movies to tie in with a giveaway in honor of Christmas in July.

The teen display is “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It,” romantic coming of age novels inspired by Katy Perry’s hit song.

Come in and check out these displays for yourself; you can always take something home!

SRP display 9 - Good VibrationsSRP display 10 - Killing Me Softly SRP display 8 - Family AffairSRP display 7 - Secret Agent Man    SRP display 6 - Sentimental JourneySRP display 11 - I Kissed a Girl