March Displays

Every month, Reader’s Advisory puts out different displays in the area surrounding our desk.  For us, it’s a fun way to tie in the materials we love to the specific month or season!  Anything that is on the cubes can be checked out, just like anything else in the library!

For the month of March, there are several different exciting displays to choose from.

“Light and Literary Reads,” located on the left book cube, is general literary fiction that is a bit lighter in tone.

“Globetrotters: Stories from Near and Fear,” located on the center book cube, is fiction set in many different locales around the world.

“Perfect Pitch,” located on the CD display cube, is music by outstanding vocalists.

“Spotlight On: Women’s History Month,” located on our corner display, are books that are centered on women’s history and written by women.  Check out the accompanying Billboard slideshow!

The film walls feature fiction and nonfiction films focused on Women’s History Month.

Check out the slideshow below for photos of each of these displays.
We encourage you to come in and check out these displays for yourself; you can always take something home!

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