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Written by: Daniel Silva
Narrated by: George Guidall

House of Spies, the latest in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva, is an electrifying thriller that will have readers listening on the edge of their seats.  Audie Award winning narrator George Guidall returns for another outing with the French intelligence officer and his compatriots.



Written by: Kate Quinn
Narrated by: Saskia Maarleveld

Taking an already excellent story and elevating it with her mastery of accents and narration, Saskia Maarleveld shines with her reading of Kate Quinn’s The Alice Network.  Outstanding historical fiction told from alternating points of view during and after both world wars; a good listen-a-like for those who enjoyed the strong female characters of Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale.



Written by: Jeff Shaara
Narrated by: Paul Michael

Arguably one of the masters of military historical fiction, Jeff Shaara turns his eye to the Korean War in this riveting tale, which tells the dramatic story of one of the deadliest campaigns in the annals of combat: the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, also known as Frozen Chosin.  Narrator Paul Michael makes listening to this book like eavesdropping on the combatants themselves as they experience a battle that tests the limits of human endurance.


Book Club

After Dinner Mints – The Dish on Just Desserts – May 2017


Just Desserts Discussion Group talks about
Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That
Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

by Ed Catmull


This month’s book is Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, a non-fiction pick. Dr. Catmull holds Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and physics, and a PhD. in computer science. Throughout his illustrious career, he has made huge contributions to the computer graphics field. Ed is a co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and is currently President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The book outlines seven core principles for a creative culture in the workplace. They are as follows:

  1. Quality is the best business plan. It is the standard that you aim for.
  2. Failure isn’t a necessary evil. Failure is a necessary risk of any creative endeavor.
  3. People are more important than ideas. Improving ideas starts with the team.
  4. Prepare for the unknown. There will always be problems. Enable your employees to solve them and move on.
  5. The goal isn’t to make things better, it is to make better things.
  6. Everyone should be able to talk to anyone in the company. Proper channels just aren’t efficient.
  7. Honest, candid feedback leads to better ideas and a better work culture.

If you enjoy Pixar films, Dr. Catmull reveals the processes behind some of their biggest blockbusters. Pixar films has two mantras- that story is king and to trust the process.

Currently, Pixar Animation releases three films every two years. Two films are brand new ideas and one is a sequel to a previous film, like Toy Story or Cars.

The group really liked this book! The audiobook is a real treat to listen to. While discussing the book, the group agreed that we would all love to work at Pixar with Ed and his creative team.

There is no read-alike bookmark for Creativity, Inc. because it is a one-of-a-kind read!