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September Displays

Every month, Reader’s Advisory puts out different displays in the area surrounding our desk.  For us, it’s a fun way to tie in the materials we love to the specific month or season!  Anything that is on the cubes can be checked out, just like anything else in the library!

For the month of September, there are several different exciting displays to choose from.

“Honor Those Who Serve: First Responders Appreciation Day,” located on the left book cube, is focuses on first responders in all types of media.  Police, firefighters, search and rescue teams, EMTs and paramedics and more, all are featured.  First Responders Appreciation Day is on September 27th.

“Murder and Mayhem in the Middle Ages,” located on the center book cube, is fiction and DVDs set in medieval times.  Medieval mysteries abound; give one a try!

“We’re #1!,” located on the CD display cube, is chart-topping music and greatest hits.

“Spotlight On: Hispanic Heritage Month,” located on our corner display, are books written by Hispanic authors or focusing on the Hispanic experience throughout history.  Check out the accompanying Billboard slideshow!

The fiction film wall contains “Movies So Bad They’re Good,” movies that were nominated for the prestigious Golden Raspberry awards.  The nonfiction film wall is “Make the Most of Yourself,” which features self-help, exercise, and other life-improving DVDs.

Check out the slideshow below for photos of each of these displays.
We encourage you to come in and check out these displays for yourself; you can always take something home!

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