Ariel Lawhon dips into historical suspense with I Was Anastasia to unravel the extraordinary tale of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be the Grand Duchess
Anastasia Romanov.


The Italian Teacher by Tom Rachman will immerse you in art, love and deception as it explores the central theme of how one can create his or her own legacy when always in the shadow of another.


Harry Dresden is back!  Fans of The Dresden Files will be delighted with the newest book by author Jim Butcher, Brief Cases, a collection of short stories in which we get to know Harry and friends a little better, including a never-before published story in which our favorite wizard spends a day at the zoo and trouble, as always, is never far off.

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Master storyteller Kate Atkinson delivers another genre-bending historical fiction sure to please fans of espionage.  Orphaned 18-year old Juliet Armstrong is recruited to M15 and has access to Transcription, which will come to haunt her in the 1950s.

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