Make Mine

Make Mine…Fantasy Fiction

Make Mine Fantasy.jpg Fantasy encompasses several subgenres, including contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, urban fantasy, and others.

If fantasy interests you, the following authors tend to write in this genre:

Joe Abercrombie
Piers Anthony
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Terry Brooks
Jim Butcher
Jacqueline Carey
Stephen R. Donaldson
David Eddings
Steven Erikson
Raymond E. Feist
Neil Gaiman
Terry Goodkind
Tracy Hickman
Robin Hobb
Robert Jordan
Guy Gavriel Kay
Katherine Kurtz
Mercedes Lackey
Stephen R. Lawhead
Tanith Lee
Anne McCaffrey
George R.R. Martin
China Mieville
L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Michael Moorcock
Andre Norton
Terry Pratchett
Melanie Rawn
Patrick Rothfuss
R.A. Salvatore
Brandon Sanderson
J.R.R. Tolkien
Brent Weeks
Margaret Weis
Janny Wurts
Roger Zelazny

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