Book Club

Books and Bagels/Morning Book Break -The Boys in the Boat (June 2016)

The Boys in the Boat received an average rating of 4.0 from both book discussion groups.

Many in the group enjoyed the story of the crew and the synchronization necessary to win.  The group also enjoyed the author’s heavily researched sections about the Nazis in the 1930s.  Several group members found the writing tedious at times.

A retired Rolling Meadows English teacher who is part of the group presented a short informal speech about rowing based on his experiences as part of the crew team at Yale University.  He answered all our questions and it was fascinating.

Finally, we discussed our overall opinions about this season’s selections.
For Books and Bagels, favorites were: The Martian, Station Eleven, and The Boys in the Boat.  Books and Bagels did not like West of Sunset.
For Morning Book Break, favorites were: A Man Called Ove, Me Before You, and The Passion of Artemisia.  Morning Book Break did not like The Martian.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

Feel free to view the following links and videos relating to The Boys in the Boat.

Discussion Questions for The Boys in the Boat



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